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TPV Series

The search for a full-featured yet economically priced, residential and commercial valve is over thanks to Toro’s newest 1” (25mm) valve offering−the TPV Series. These full-featured, rugged, debris-resistant valves feature flow ranges from 0.1 to 40 GPM (0,38-151 LPM), making them ideal for everything from drip to high-flow residential and lightcommercial applications.


Features & Benefits

  • Tough Double-Beaded, Chloramine and
    • Ozone-Resistant Santoprene® Diaphragm
    • Ensures a consistent, leak-proof seal all the way up to
    • 175 psi (12,0 Bar).
  • Patented DBS (Debris Bypass System)
    • Technology™
    • Metering system ensures proper functionality, even in
    • tough environments.
  • Multiple Body Styles
    • Choose from various styles to meet any
    • installation requirement.
  • Wide Range of Flows and Pressure
    • One valve for all site specific needs.
  • Robust Solenoid Design
    • Ensures reliable opening and closing.


  • Dimensions
    • 5 1⁄8” H x 2 ¾” W x 5” L (130 x 70 x 127mm)
  • Operating Specifications
    • Flow Range: 0.1 to 40 GPM (0,38-151 LPM)
    • Operating Pressure: Electric – 10 to 175 psi (0,7-12,0 Bar)
    • Burst pressure safety rating: 1000 psi (68,9 Bar)
    • Solenoid: 24 VAC (50/60 Hz) Standard (102-7053)
      • Inrush: 0.4 amps
      • Holding: 0.2 amps
  • Additional Features
    • Rugged, Double-Beaded Santoprene diaphragm
    • Patented DBS™ (Debris Bypass System) technology
    • Operates in low-flow and landscape drip applications when a filter is installed upstream
    • Built with either AC or DC Latching Solenoids
    • Manual Operation without the use of a controller—Internal and External Bleed
    • Captured hex/Phillips screws
    •  Optional flow control allows precise zone adjustment and manual shutoff
    • Encapsulated injection-molded solenoid with a captured plunger
    • Removable flow control handle to ensure vandal-resistance
    • Slip models feature patented Glue Stop™
    • Self-aligning bonnet permits fast and easy servicing
    • Large directional flow arrows
  • Options Available
    • EFF-Kit-60Hz - Recycled Water Solenoid Assembly
  • and Watering Tag
    • DCLS-P - Potted DC Latching Solenoid Assembly
  • Warranty
    • Five years

 Water Management Highlight

DBS Technology™
(Debris Bypass System) DBS is a patented vibrating metering pin and diaphragm assembly that allows for small particles to pass through the valve without clogging.







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